Details of Registration

If you want to register for an intensive language course (2 months) with interDaF, you will find the registration form as well as the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment here. Please also read the details of registration in our registration checklist.

Registration Deadline
Registration is subject to availability and ends two weeks prior to the beginning of the course or when the maximum number of participants is reached. Please take into account that the participation in the requested language course(s) will only be guaranteed after the course fees are deposited to interDaF’s account.
A confirmation shall be dispatched by interDaF following the receipt and processing of the participant’s registration form and the course fees.
Please note: Unless the course fees for subsequent language courses are paid by ten weeks at the latest prior the course starts interDaF will not be able to guarantee the participation in the requested course.

Entry into Germany
Please check the entry requirements with the German Embassy in your home country. It is recommended to register for several language courses and to deposit the course fees to interDaF’s account in order to book bindingly. interDaF will issue a confirmation following the receipt of the course fees.

Important Advice and Details

  • Approx. 200 hours of German are set per level. If you want to take part in level B1 for instance, you should be able to prove 400 hours of German instruction. You can test your language competence here. The interDaF certificate, the Goethe Institute certificate and the TELC certificate of the previous level shall be accepted for direct access when a total result of at least 70% is shown. These certificates must be submitted before the beginning of the language training. Should the participant decide to repeat the level already certified, the result of the interDaF test or the interDaF exam at the end of this language course shall be binding for the further language training with interDaF.
  • Language competence at B1 level (for the Studienkolleg) or at C1 level (for direct access to study programmes) are required for study in Germany. Our intensive language courses (2 months) prepare you level-by-level for these exams.