“I praise my Leipzig …“

Course Date: 6 January 2020 - 15 February 2020 (programme, in German only)

Our winter language course "I praise my Leipzig ..." is aimed at students and learners of German from all over the world who want to learn German together in a university environment in Germany and at the same time want to experience a lot "in German". In addition to language lessons, phonetics exercises, lectures and on-site research, we offer an extensive cultural programme including visits to museums, a concert in the Leipzig Gewandhaus and excursions.
Even in the cold season, cafés, winter walks in parks and attractive leisure activities such as theaters, concerts or a skating rink in the city centre invite you to enjoy your stay in Leipzig. There is much to discover!

Our winter language course “I praise my Leipzig …“ is designed for learners of German who ...

  • Wish to use their semester break to deepen or extend their command of German where the language is spoken as the mother tongue.
  • Wish to get to know Germany, in particular Leipzig, and to learn more about Germans and their life.
  • Are cosmopolitan and look forward to meeting learners of German from other countries.
  • Wish to learn German together and want to learn more about one another in the German language.

The minimum age of our participants is 18 years.
You have already learned German (about 200 hours, level A1).

Course fee: €1,150