Accommodation for Summer and Winter Courses

Our “Wohnen” office arranges for accommodation of our participants

in the Winter Course “I Praise my Leipzig”,
in the Summer Courses “Languages Build Bridges”,
in the Summer Academy “GFL in Theory and Practice”
in the Autumn Course “Research, Study and Live in Leipzig”.


  1. Please tick off “yes” on your registration form, if interDaF is to arrange accommodation.
  2. The accommodation has to be paid for together with the registration fee. We can only reserve your room once your rental payment has been received.
  3. You will receive the exact address of your accommodation upon registration on the day of arrival.
  4. The room can be cancelled up to four week prior to the date of arrival. If you cancel your participation later than that, we cannot refund the money for accommodation.


  • There is no claim to a room in a certain dormitory.
  • As a rule, the rooms are available from the beginning of the course only. If you arrive prior to the course, you can find information on budget hostels and hotels in Leipzig.
  • For questions and issues regarding “accommodation during the language course”, please contact our accommodation office.